Paid Contest Rules



Apple, Inc. and Google, Inc. are not sponsors of, or responsible for conducting this contest.


Every week we announce the topic for the next week and reward the last winner.



Prize for the winner

  • $500 and 900 benjis

  • 1 month Premium account 

  • Placement on the Featured Users list

  • 2nd place gets $200 and 600 benjis

  • 3rd - 5th place get $100 and 300 benjis each 



How are the winners chosen?

The tournament referees select the winners from the tournament shortlist, consisting of 25 tracks. The shortlist includes:

  • 20 tracks with the most votes in the tournament;

  • + 5 WILD CARD tracks (Rap Fame choice).

The top-5 winners are chosen by the Rap Fame team from this shortlist. 

In partner tournaments, partners choose the winners from the shortlist.

In selecting the winners, the referees are guided by the key criteria:

  • the track should be in line with a tournament topic;

  • the track should be recorded by the author themself;

  • the track should not insult entrants, users, listeners or the Rap Fame Team.


In case the Rap Fame Team did not choose the winners, the prizes in a weekly tournament are split according to users’ voting. 


IMPORTANT: By entering the tournament, you agree that the opinion of judges may not coincide with your or your friends’ opinion (however, it does not mean your track is bad and unworthy of victory).


Who are the tournament referees?

The winners are chosen by the Rap Fame Team. Each week this may be different people: administration, celebrity referees or tournament partners and sponsors.



What is a Weekly Tournament?

A Rap Fame Weekly Tournament is a contest to identify the best rapper who has creatively addressed the tournament topic and demonstrated such artistic skills as rhyming, rhythm, delivery and flow. 


A Rap Fame Weekly Tournament is not a battle rap tournament. There is no direct opponent in this type of competition. Therefore it is prohibited to battle or ambiguously insult users, listeners and entrants. Since it is impossible to foresee all the cases, the Rap Fame Team asks you to rely on common sense. Whether your track goes beyond the boundaries of common sense is determined by the tournament referees. To avoid any dispute, please, leave your best punchlines for battles and battle tournaments. 



How do I receive my cash prizes?

We will reach out to you directly to get your details for a Paypal or Wire Transfer. 


Please note:

  • We will only reach out after the tournament has finished and the official results are released

  • If you publish a track featuring other artists, we will only send the prize to the owner account on Rap Fame who published the track.



How can I upload my track for the tournament?

You can upload a track anytime during the week of the contest. Remember: The earlier you upload the track, the more time people will have to vote for you!


Can I upload another track?

Yes, you can upload a new track anytime during the week of the contest. But when you upload a new track, all votes for any previous track will disappear and the initial entry will be deleted.


What are the requirements for the track?

  • The track must be recorded by the author themself. 


  • The track must correlate with the topic of the tournament. 


  • The track must never insult Rap Fame users, judges and listeners (the judges will determine the boundaries of humor and ambiguity. While submitting your track to the tournament, be guided by your common sense).*


  • Additional requirements may be applied in some tournaments. These rules will be communicated accordingly. 


* - The administration reserves the right to remove tracks and comments without explanation, in its sole discretion. If you think that any tournament track insults you, you can let us know by hitting a “Report” button next to a track or a user.


By submitting your track, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Rap Fame Tournaments.                    


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