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Introducing Rap Tech Studios

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Who We Are

When we started as BattleMe Inc, we offered our app as a holistic mobile recording solution for rappers. Since then, rap has become the world’s most popular genre of music, listened to by millions and encompassing a massive and diverse range of cultures. As our company grew too, we realized we needed to respond by diversifying our product and simplifying what each one offered.

We founded Rap Tech Studios Ltd, as a way to provide this comprehensive umbrella of music applications. We aim to celebrate rap’s rich cultural diversity by offering a suite of high tech solutions that inspire people, whatever their background, to express themselves creatively.


Our Team

We’ve assembled a highly skilled team of dedicated app developers, designers and marketers who are rapidly growing our portfolio of revolutionary music apps.

70% of them are Senior experts.

We also work closely with a large team of community ambassadors across 8 regions. They voluntarily do amazing work liaising with our user base and creating high quality video content that showcases the talent on our apps.


Our Mission

Our mission statement is to build meaningful communities and lasting platforms that empower young people to create and share the music we all love.

Rap is the world’s most popular genre and we believe it should also be the world’s most accessible. We want to bring a professional quality recording process to everyone with a smartphone and to do it in a way that’s creative, entertaining and ultimately brings people together.


What We Make

We’re expanding our original application into a suite of separate but complementary products: Rap Fame, Battle Me, Rap-Z and much more on the horizon.

Rap Fame

Rap Fame is our flagship offering. It’s become a thriving musical and social community, used by over a million rappers to record, share, collaborate and connect with other artists.

The app delivers on our mission to support and educate young people in their journey through music on a global scale.

Battle Me

In addition, We’re also relaunching Battle Me as a dedicated Rap Battle arena.

This new app is carefully designed to foster competitive creativity and centralize the rap battle community under one online roof.

Release Date: September 27


Our revolutionary new app is a video recording studio with a twist. It’s a unique technology that automatically transforms short video clips into amazing hip hop music videos.

Following incredible results in beta testing (and universal success with our team and their families before that) we can’t wait to share Rap Z with the entire world!

Release Date: September 09

Artists interested in all forms of rap can effortlessly switch between these platforms, while each individual app offers a thoroughly immersive experience for users who commit to one of them.


Thanks for Reading

So that’s who Rap Tech are and what we do. We hope you found our introduction helpful and that you’ll watch this space for more updates and insights into the exciting worlds of mobile

apps and hip hop music.

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