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Account and Password

I forgot my password

Please use the “Forgot Password” option to retrieve your account.

If you registered via Facebook, Gmail or Apple – use them to log in.

Still having trouble signing in? Get in touch with us at 📩

How do I activate my account?

In order to activate your account you have to go to your email and press the Activation link in the email you received from Rap Fame. You may need to check your Spam folder as well.

If you used an invalid email, you can change this by going to Profile -> Settings -> Change Email/Email (Android/iPhone).

How many accounts can I register?

Only one account per user is allowed. Having other accounts may be interpreted as cheating. We will take measures to penalize this behaviour.

I can’t sign up

Have you ever registered from this device on Rap Fame before? To prevent fake account registrations we allow one user profile per device. If you have not registered previously, please contact us at 📩. Please include screenshots showing any errors in this process.

I want to delete a profile

To delete your account, go to Settings -> Privacy Center and select the option Delete Account. A member of our admin team will then be in contact to confirm this within 48 Hours.

Please note, once you delete your account, all your tracks and battles will be lost forever without the option to retrieve them.

I want to replace my old account and create a new one

Having more than one account is against our regulations to prevent cheating in votes. This may result in you being penalized. If you want to delete and create a new account, you will not be able to retrieve your old account and not be able to verify the new one.


Can I switch between regions on Rap Fame?

Switching between regions is no longer possible on Rap Fame.

I invited my friends and did not get benjis

Make sure your friends downloaded the app via your link, registered, and activated their account. If they did, please send us an email at 📩 with your @username, as well as your friends’ @usernames on the app.

Tracks and Battles

I want to save my tracks to my phone’s memory

All you need to do is:

  • Go to your profile

  • Click under your track or battle on the 3 dots icon

  • Select option “Save to device” (or “Save to Files” on iPhone)


I want to share my tracks and battles with friends

The steps are really simple. All you need to do is:

  • Go to your profile

  • Click under your track or battle on Share button

  • Send a link to your friends

I want to delete a track

To delete a track just press the 3 dots menu under it on your profile and choose Delete.

If you delete a track, you will lose crowns earned with this track.

I want to delete a battle

You can hide battles from your profile. Simply use the Hide option under the battle. However, to keep the game fair, the rating of your opponent will remain the same even if you hide the battle from your profile. 

To get a battle deleted from Rap Fame, we will need written confirmation from both you and your opponent to 📩

Subscription and Purchases

How do I get Benjis?

Benjis can be purchased in-app and you can earn Benjis by going to your Profile -> Rap Fame Shop (the yellow "Benjis" icon in the top right corner) -> Benjis.

From here tap “Get Benjis for Free” - you should then see a popup where you can “Claim Your Daily Reward”.

You earn +5 Benjis each day cumulatively up to 30 benjis after 6 days if you keep using the app daily!

New users can also earn extra Benjis by completing the steps in their Rap Fame Career (Career button on your profile).

My premium subscription did not renew but I paid for it

Please tap Sync payments/Restore purchases(Android/iOS) on Menu -> Settings. If that doesn’t help, send us an email at 📩 and include your @username on the app as well as the receipt for your subscription.


How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, you will need to go to the Google Play or App store and cancel it there.

We do not handle any monetary transactions ourselves, everything runs through Google and Apple.

Other Issues

How do I become a Rap Fame Ambassador?

Contact the Rap Fame team at 📩. Mention your username on the app and describe in detail how you can help promote Rap Fame and help the community grow.

How can I get on the HOT🔥 feed?

You can send a track or battle to HOT🔥 with your Benjis or via an in-app purchase.


What is a Featured Track? 

The Rap Fame team reviews all tracks, battles, and videos on the app. The best ones are tagged as Featured and appear on the HOT🔥 feed.

How can I get my track featured on the app?

In order to get your track featured on Rap Fame, you’ll need to hit the following criteria:


  • High quality audio & songwriting;

  • 50+ Likes AND 25+ Comments;

  • Creative & Interesting Album artwork;


A track can get featured on its first 7 days on the app. We'll always let you know if your track has been featured with a tag! 

Also we do not feature contest tracks or disses.

How can I get featured on Instagram?

To get featured on Instagram, your track should have already been featured on the app. It should have a clear and creative album cover or you should upload a good photo in the photos section on your profile, that we’ll then use for the Instagram post.


What is a Rookie tag?

We listen to all the tracks of new users and mark the best ones with a Rookie tag.

What is a Rookie Ranking?

The Rookie ranking shows your ranking against other new users that joined at a similar time to you. This remains for 30 days and after this point you are automatically added to the solo rankings.

How to get a blue check?

We give the verified tick to our well-known, skilled users, or those who were featured on any of our shows. Normally with 50+ featured tracks on Rap Fame.

We also don't verify accounts with multiple bans. We continuously update and add to this list, so make sure you stay tuned.

What features come with a Rap Fame Premium subscription?

Here is a list of the extra features available exclusively to premium members:

  • Access to Premium Sound Effects;

  • User own & custom beats;

  • ​Double the recording time;

  • Premium votes worth double;

  • Ability to export your songs from Rap Fame as an .mp3;

  • Advanced stats on your content.

What do Crowns and Diamonds do?


Crowns are our version of points that reflect your activity on the app, you can gain crowns via votes from other users and finishing in the top 5 in our weekly contests.

Diamonds are based on users judging tracks! 

More Diamonds = Higher ranking in the Judging charts.



How to upload a beat for community?

To Upload a beat for use by the Rap Fame community, please send an email to 📩


Didn’t find what you’re looking for

Please also check out our:

And you can always contact us by email: 📩

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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