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Do YOU have a passion for Rap Music?

If you answered yes to this simple question then you’ve just found your dream job!

We’re looking for the following:

  • PASSION for American rap music

  • Content Creation on Social Media 

  • Copywriting skills

  • Community Management and Content Curation

  • Frequent Snapchat and Instagram user

  • Experience with editing tools (e.g. Photoshop)

Don’t have all these skills yet? Don’t worry! You’re still young enough to learn.

What’s important for us is that you can:

  • Learn Fast

  • Think Nimbly

  • Work hard

  • Manage your time effectively

What about the job?

  • It’s an incredible opportunity to work alongside our wonderful community of artists and users. We want someone to create and post engaging content and grow our presence on Social Media. You’ll become a direct link to our community, listening to and responding to any of their concerns. There’ll also be plenty of time to listen to rap music; in fact, curating your favourite songs into app wide playlists will be part of your job!

  • Good luck with your applications!

The vacancy is closed
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